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Playful New Book is Out in Time For Mother’s Day

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Perfect for Coffee Table Display, This Book Should Keep Mom and Her Friends Entertained

She was a rebel who distrusted politicians, clergy and anyone wearing a robe–even on Halloween”

— Jake McGuire

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — “My Fun New Mother’s Day book makes a great gift for all moms,” says Washington, D.C. photographer Jake McGuire, “Since it is dedicated to the sacrifices all moms make during their entire lives.”

McGuire’s book features dozens of his childhood stories about his mother’s antics including one where his mom who loved to toy with a devout family on his street who only allowed their children to be biblical characters on Halloween.

“So, one Halloween, she sent my older sister Dorothy and my younger sister Mary dressed in scary black, grim-reaper-like costumes, along with me in a cardboard box painted white to the devout neighbor’s house to trick or treat. Can you guess which biblical characters those darling little McGuire children were?

“Glad you asked,” says McGuire, “My sisters were Sodom and Gomorrah, and I was a Pillar of Salt.”
McGuire’s book is full of “an out-side-the-box-mother, raising-five-kids-inside-the-house” tales and anecdotes so it provides nice comic relief from the current world-wide wars and troubles, says McGuire. It covers his childhood years where his mother was an artist by day, and a prankster who played tricks on their neighbors by night.

“She was a rebel who distrusted politicians, clergy and anyone wearing a robe–even on Halloween,” he says, “and–amazingly¬–she still surprises us with an occasional visit from the grave. Really, see page 55!”
Washington Post writer, Monica Hesse, who penned a lengthy feature on McGuire in August of 2010, wrote, “McGuire is looking like he should be holding a mint julep, or yachting or doing something else genteel. His face is aristocratic… his manner is intense.”

In addition to his lively Mother’s Day book, McGuire is finishing up his memoirs entitled, “Out of Line • The Memoirs of a Wayward Photographer.” The book entails his adventures in dozens of countries, and even grips readers with eye-opening details of how he got invited to drink tea with the Amir of Bahrain in his royal palace and came away with gifts of diamonds and gold!

McGuire says both his Mother’s Day book and his memoirs are extremely visual making them ripe for motion pictures, and he even went as far as sending a pitch to George Clooney’s agent, on the outside chance Clooney might want to grab the film rights of his memoirs before some other Hollywood entity does.
He figures Clooney could both direct and star in it. “Clooney, of course, would make a better me, than me!” He says with a chuckle. “And, I don’t mind having a bit part in it, where I’m sitting next to Clooney at a venerable DC bar like the Old Ebbitt Grill giving him advice on taking photos.”

McGuire entertaining Mother’s Day book is available on Amazon in quantities for all the mom’s in your family. For more on McGuire’s books, see his website, www.jakemcguire.com

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