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Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, offers Social Security Planning for Women : Special Series – Part 4 of 7

40 Years of Experience

Fraser Allport – 41 Years of Excellence.

Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, offers Social Security Planning for Women : Special Series – Part 4 of 7

All Knowledge comes from Experience. ”

— Albert Einstein

DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, FL, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Fraser Allport, Fiduciary, offers Social Security Planning for Women : Special Series – Part 4 of 7

Planning is different for Women than Men.

Preparing for Retirement and attaining financial security is not an easy task for anyone, but Women tend to face more hardships than Men in this area.

Reason # 4 :

Women are typically more Conservative Investors than Men.

Yet in most marriages … There is only one plan for both Spouses.

Conservative investing pays dividends with safe, steady, and predictable returns.

Prudent Women are wise to chose the safe and steady route, because who won the race: The Tortoise or The Hare?

But without a Spouse’s Income and Assets, a single or divorced Woman may need to pull more income from their investment savings in Retirement if their Social Security and pension benefits are insufficient for a chosen Standard of Living.

Or worse, a Woman may be forced to work Part-Time in Retirement to make ends meet.

Or work until she dies, which is very common in the USA.

The way to avoid working until one dies … is to start saving, investing, and planning today.

Procrastination is the # 1 problem when it comes to building a successful Retirement Plan.

Retirement does not just happen by accident, or by itself. It is not a given that one can retire.

Planning is a verb. Retirement Planning requires Action.

Time is Money, and Time does not come back. Start your Retirement Plan today.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Fraser Allport today at www.calendly.com/fiduciaryadvisor

Bottom Line: A Woman should start to plan now for being self-sufficient in their Retirement years, independent of their Spouse.

And if a Woman sees Money, Risk, Savings, and Investing differently than her Spouse … than that Woman is wise to chart her own course, and build her own Financial Plan.

See: https://www.fraserallport.com/florida-drop/why-women-have-unique-retirement-planning-needs/

Knowing the unique obstacles Women face is an important first step in obtaining a secure financial retirement for a Woman.

Knowledge is power. And what a Woman does with that knowledge is her empowerment.

According to the Social Security Administration: “ Social Security is the major source of income for most of the elderly ”, especially for Women.

Social Security can provide Women with a strong foundation of financial protection if they take know how to advantage of what is available to them.

Fraser Allport helps Women learn which Social Security benefits they are eligible to receive: their own Benefit, a Survivor Benefit, or Spousal, or Divorced? Fraser will help a Woman understand the rules that apply to them, and when to choose the specific strategies that maximize their specific situation.

All Knowledge comes from Experience.

And Experience Matters. That’s Fraser.

See Fraser’s Bio’, Services, and Educational Workshops, and Schedule a Complimentary Social Security Consultation with Fraser, at: www.fraserallport.com

Talk with some of Fraser’s Clients. References are available upon request.

Fraser also helps with any other financial questions on a person’s mind as well, including Medicare, Income Taxes Portfolio Optimization and Estate Planning. How does one safely and wisely invest their ” Nest Egg ” upon Retirement?

Fraser practices holistic, integrated Retirement Planning for Teachers. Like a balanced diet … Fraser builds balanced Retirement Plans.

Think of one’s financial Life as a puzzle: All the pieces of a person’s Retirement Plan need to fit together into a comprehensive whole.

Fraser builds integrated and holistic Financial Plans for his Clients, like building a balanced Nutritional Plan. It’s all about synergy and Balance.

Fraser is a Fiduciary and Certified Estate Planner with 41 Years of Experience.

Fraser can help a person with Retirement and Estate Planning, Income Taxes, Social Security and Medicare.

Fraser also specializes in the Florida Retirement System’s DROP Program.

Please see Fraser’s DROP and Medicare Library at:



Fraser can also help a person learn more about the various aspects of Florida’s DROP, 403(b), and 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.

Fraser works across all of Florida, and can also work in all 50 States.

As Fraser says …

If a person gets smart with their Money …

They will have more of it.

To afford the large and inevitable expenses that a person will spend on medical care in retirement as they age, they should budget accordingly in their Financial Plan. It’s logical and an imperative : Don’t forget to factor in Out-of-Pocket Health Care costs when calculating Financial Planning in Retirement.

Fraser Allport, a Fiduciary and Certified Estate Planner, is licensed to assist a person with Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans, Part D Drug Plans, Home Health Care and Long-Term Care Plans, and Medicare Supplement Plans.

The finishing touch to every good Financial Plan is Estate Planning.

A licensed Fiduciary is legally and ethically obligated to act in a person’s Best Interest, and can help navigate the ins and outs of Estate Taxes, Life Insurance, Wills and Trusts, and more. Since 1982, that’s what Fraser has been doing for 41 Years. Experience Matters.

Fraser Allport is a Certified Estate Planner , and can help craft a lasting Estate Plan.

When a person dies … They want to Leave A Legacy, not A Mess.

An Estate Plan is about properly and easily passing one’s entire Life’s work and Assets.

See Fraser’s Estate Planning Credentials and Services at : https://nicep.org/profile/fraser-allport-id-908

Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary and Certified Estate Planner with 41 Years of Experience.

Experience Matters.

Fraser is the way that is used to be. Fraser is the way that it’s supposed to be.

With 41 Years of Experience … Fraser is The Advisor that a person keeps for Life.

Fraser’s website also has a link to Google Reviews from his Clients.

Read what Fraser’s Clients say about their experience with him.

Read Fraser’s Client Google Reviews at :


The Total Advisor, LLC is an Independent Retirement, Social Security, Medicare, Income Tax, and Estate Planning Firm owned by Fraser Allport. Investment Advisory Services are offered through Coppell Advisory Solutions, LLC, dba Fusion Capital Management, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor, transacting business in States where it is registered or excluded from registration. FL. License # A004461.

SEC registration does not constitute an endorsement by the SEC, and does not speak to Advisor’s skill or ability. All investment strategies have the potential for profit or loss

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