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ZAKUSKA Develops New Vodka Intended to Be Served Ice Cold & Neat


BROOKLYN, NY, USA, April 21, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — ZAKUSKA Vodka is thrilled to announce the launch of its new vodka that celebrates the shot as it should be served: straight and cold. This new Brooklyn-based vodka was born from celebrations around the owner’s family dinner table. Stories and jokes, heartfelt toasts and songs, were always accompanied by delicious food and punctuated by cold shots of vodka. The tradition continues with ZAKUSKA Vodka.

A small, cold shot of ZAKUSKA is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family — a single moment in time where everyone gets to experience the subtle flavors of vodka developed with an unfiltered celebration in mind.

Zakuska is distilled from a mix of soft red winter wheat and corn. This unfiltered vodka retains its intended flavors, including vanilla, spices & honey notes. Every bottle of ZAKUSKA Vodka is unique in texture and produced by Wildly Crafted out of 100% recycled glass. ZAKUSKA Vodka is available in 750ml bottles (40% alc./vol. | 80 proof) through Barcart via ZakuskaVodka.com.

After experiencing room-temperature shots of vodka shaken over ice, Arthur Revechkis knew that the traditional way of shooting vodka cold needed a unique and complex spirit. “Keeping it unfiltered preserves a great taste that you won’t find in other more traditional vodkas that are made to act as a neutral spirit mostly. With Zakuska, you’ll taste vanilla, caramel, fig, and spice. When served chilled, it’s silky, dry-yet-fruity, medium to full body, and hits at the middle of the palate,” says Revechkis.

You can pre-order ZAKUKA starting April 10th at zakuskavodka.com, and bottles will begin to ship on April 24th. ZAKUSKA will also be available to purchase in-store in Brooklyn, New York, soon.

ZAKUSKA Vodka was created in 2023 and is based out of Brooklyn, New York. For Press inquiries, please get in touch with info@zakuskavodka.com or visit www.zakuskavodka.com/contact for questions and additional info.

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