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Hololabs created an environmentally-themed AR game launching April 22 in Canada

Hololabs has announced the launch of a new free AR puzzle adventure game, Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure, available on Google Play in Canada on April 22, 2023

Education has played a big role in all of our projects at Hololabs and with Sky Haven we’re taking the opportunity to make an impact by telling a compassionate story about our planet.”

— Amesh Narsing, VP of Software Development, Hololabs

VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 21, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Canadian game development studio Hololabs shared details about their new mobile game Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure.

Launch trailer

The game combines location-based gameplay, simple puzzle mechanics, and rich storytelling. Players use their mobile devices (Android, iOS soon) to find, feed, and nurture creatures seen all over the sky in augmented reality.

Players engage with members of a mysterious agency to help these sky creatures after discovering their presence in our world is directly related to climate change. Players contribute to climate action in the real world! In-game actions affect actual reforestation efforts through the game’s climate change partner, Ecologi.

Tree planting

In-app bundle purchases contain trees that will be planted by Ecologi in key locations all over the world. Sky Haven’s goal is to plant 1 million trees!

Sky Haven: AR Merge Adventure will launch on April 22, 2023, on Google Play in Canada. Coming soon to the Apple App Store in Q2.

Features include:

– Episodic mystery narrative

– Many sky creatures to discover, with additional traits to unlock

– Puzzle gameplay via popular “merge” mechanic

– Location-based map view

– Drone view with creature scanning mini-game

– Augmented reality (AR) view with proprietary sky occlusion system

– An engaging cast of characters that chat in-game with the player

– Free to play on Android and iOS

Website: http://skyhaven.app

Press kit: https://go.hololabs.org/sky-haven-presskit

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hololabs.skyhaven

About Hololabs

Hololabs is a Canadian game development company that specializes in innovative mixed-reality games and experiences. They have contributed to a number of award-winning projects, including the Mario Kart – Koopa’s Challenge ride at Universal Studios Japan, a breakdance battle game called Floor Kids, and many others.

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Join Sky Haven to discover sky creatures and nurture our environment!

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