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The Collaborative Work That Has Everyone Laughing

Pride AI Prejudice Hardcover

AI Strikes Again: Hilarious New Book Takes A Jane Austen Classic to Unexpected Places with Artificial Intelligence and Genre-Bending Pop Culture Crossovers.

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Regency romance and Jane Austen variation novelist April Karber has just released a new anthology comedy called “Pride AI Prejudice.” The book is a laugh-out-loud series of short stories based on Jane Austen’s classic novel “Pride and Prejudice,” but each with a twist: they were written by AI.

Like fever dreaming on a rollercoaster, must-read “Pride AI Prejudice” offers unexpected turns and hilarious pop culture mashups for familiar and beloved characters to navigate themselves through, complete with AI-created artwork for each story to fuel the experience and add an extra layer of absurdity.

If anyone has ever wondered what “Pride and Prejudice” would be like if it took place in outer space or featured credit card commercials, or if Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy fell for each other on the “Love Is Blind” reality series, this book has got them covered.

But it’s not totally devoid of human heart and construction. Seasoned author April Karber deftly coaxed each of these stories from AI with careful prompts, specific wording, and rewrite processes, and with her immense knowledge of the world of Jane Austen, ensured that these AI created stories were quality enough for her favorite author tribute.

“This started as just fun for me in my spare time. I wanted to see what AI’s limitations were with storytelling,” said Karber. “But there was something so endearing, so funny about what AI would put together from my prompts. I found myself reading story after story, absolutely hooked. And I wanted to share this magic with my like-minded community of Jane Austen fans.”

Karber, who runs a fervent meme account dedicated to – you guessed it – Jane Austen – has cultivated a dedicated following of people who meet at the crossroads of Jane Austen enthusiasts and pop culture fiends. So for those who consider Jane Austen a fading favorite, social media has allowed this fandom to connect, grow, share, and thrive.

“This is definitely my most meme-like book,” said Karber, “which makes it my favorite – don’t tell the others. What I love most about my Instagram account is that I can celebrate Jane Austen while also cracking up, which is so suiting. Austen’s humor is timeless. I want to celebrate her genius and her relevance.”

“Pride AI Prejudice” is now available on Amazon as a Kindle ebook and as a glorious hardcover edition, making it the perfect coffee table companion or gift for any Jane Austen lover.

Get a copy here.

About April Karber:

April Karber is a novelist known for her Jane Austen variation novels. She has previously published “Civil Pemberley,” “Fault or Virtue,” and “Romancing Miss Bennet,” among other titles. When she’s not writing, she’s meme-ing as @MsJAusten on Instagram from her home in Los Angeles, CA.

April Karber (Author)
April Karber (Author)
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